Sensory Journey

An Immersive Expedition of Light, Sound, and Interaction

Audiences embark on a guided journey through the tunnel, engaging with the immersive installation. Lighting, visual projections, and sound respond dynamically to the space, triggered by depth sensors.

Sensory experiences transcend cognition, transporting individuals into a realm of timeless beauty, transcending physical boundaries.

Exploring the Dynamics of Interactivity

Unraveling the Depths and Impact of Interactivity as a Concept in Art Discourse

The installation is centered around a sensory tunnel concept. Soundscapes are derived from the audiovisual piece “Labyrinth” by Joan Lavandeira (Isolator Space), crafted in Ableton Live with original stems and MIDI clips.

Lighting control, generative video, and sensor software are meticulously developed in TouchDesigner by BeatMeLab and Isolator Space, tailored specifically for the installation. The LED hardware comprises 24 bars, designed to enhance the visual experience.

Convent of Sant Agustí

An Interactive Experience in a Historic Building of Barcelona

The Convent of Sant Agustí Vell is a former religious building of the Order of Saint Augustine, located in “La Ribera” neighborhood of Barcelona, and classified as Bé Cultural d’Interès Local. After the defeat of 1714, it was transformed into a barracks and currently houses the Civic Center Convent de Sant Agustí, the Photographic Archive of Barcelona, ​​and the Chocolate Museum.