Harmonizing Quadratics

A Multisensory Exploration of Form, Function, and Mathematics

Quadratic stands as an immersive artistic exploration that goes beyond the visual, delving into the conceptual synergy between form and function. The title, “Quadratic”, finds its echo in the quadrangular arrangement of the 4 walls of the room, where the work comes to life.

The deliberate choice 4 Lasers and 44 spotlights distributed in groups of 4 and 8 not only obeys a lighting choreography, but also establishes a mathematical dialogue, highlighting the squareness of the space.


Exploring Geometric Harmony: The Significance of the Number 4 in Quadratic

The choice of the number 4 in Quadratic is not merely accidental but becomes the guiding thread weaving the conceptual geometry of the piece. Groups of 4 and 8 spotlights reflect the squaring of the walls, generating a symmetry that pays homage to the square, a fundamental shape in geometry.

The title itself, “Quadratic,” suggests a connection with quadratic equations, where the number 4 plays an essential role. This numerical choice not only structures the arrangement of visual elements but also invites reflection on the repetitive and cyclical nature of geometric patterns.

The 4 lasers, as they impact surfaces and expand along defined paths, reinforce the presence of the number 4, creating a choreography of light that amplifies the connection between the square shape of the room and the underlying conceptual geometry. In Quadratic, the number 4 becomes the geometric language that engages with the viewer, generating an experience where mathematical and aesthetic harmony converge into a coherent and captivating whole.

Exhibition Space

Immersive Journey through Light and Sound: The Experience of Quadratic Exhibition

Quadratic transforms the viewer’s experience into a captivating journey through a 360-degree immersive environment. Positioned at the center of the installation, attendees find themselves immersed in a constantly evolving sensory universe. The strategic arrangement of spotlights, lasers, and sound columns creates a luminous and auditory landscape that unfolds around them.

The need to continually rotate to capture every detail reinforces the interactivity of the piece. This act of turning, far from being a mere physical action, becomes an intimate dance with light and sound. Luminous patterns dynamically unfold, prompting viewers to explore the entirety of the space, immersing them in a unique experience that unfolds in all directions.

The constant rotation, far from being a chore, becomes a means to unravel the visual and auditory layers of Quadratic. This active engagement by the viewer not only reveals the richness of the piece from multiple perspectives but also reflects the ephemeral and ever-changing nature of light and sound. At the center of this symphony of shapes and tones, attendees are immersed in a sensory dialogue where interaction and contemplation intertwine, creating a unique connection with the artwork and the space they inhabit.

Transforming Urban Landscapes

Reimagining Non-Places through Light and Sound

In the context of Marc Augé’s theories on non-places, “Quadratic” emerges as a provocative reimagining of an urban landscape, transforming the mundane into the extraordinary within the confines of an underground parking structure. Augé defines non-places as spaces of transience, where individuals pass through without forming meaningful connections or experiences. In contrast, “Quadratic” disrupts this notion by infusing the sterile environment of the parking garage with an interactive and multisensory artistic intervention.

Within the concrete walls and dimly lit corridors of the parking garage, “Quadratic” invites visitors to engage with their surroundings in a new and unexpected way. By harnessing the power of light and mathematical precision, the installation transcends the limitations of its physical space, creating an immersive experience that challenges preconceived notions of place and identity.

As visitors navigate through the underground expanse, they encounter a symphony of light and shadow, meticulously choreographed to evoke a sense of wonder and exploration. The interplay of lasers and spotlights, arranged in a quadrangular formation, mirrors the geometric structure of the space itself, blurring the boundaries between art and architecture.

In this way, “Quadratic” not only transforms the underground parking garage into a site-specific work of art but also invites contemplation on the nature of urban environments and the human experience within them. By reimagining non-places as potential sites of creativity and interaction, the installation challenges us to reconsider our relationship with the spaces we inhabit and the narratives we construct within them.