Unveiling the Light

A Mesmerizing Fusion of Wall Art and Light

OracLED: Magic Wall is a captivating and multidimensional project that seamlessly integrates various artistic disciplines, including the intricate art of mural (and spray) painting, the mesmerizing world of video mapping, and the enchanting glow of LED lighting. Together, these elements coalesce to weave a tapestry of imagination, conjuring a dreamlike landscape that unfolds before the beholder.

Radiant Nexus

The Enchanting Core of Artistic Splendor

At the heart of this artistic spectacle stands an oracle of light, a radiant and mystical presence that captivates the observer’s gaze. Positioned on both sides of the installation, six polyhedral forms emerge, their angles and lines converging towards the center of the space in perfect harmony. This synchronicity creates a visual symphony, where geometric precision meets artistic expression.

Light metamorphosis

Transforming Spaces into Dynamic Canvases

The space comes alive as multiple abstract animations seamlessly map across the surfaces, transforming the environment into a dynamic canvas of ever-evolving visual narratives. Each projection is a stroke of creativity, a dance of colors and forms that engage the senses and transport the audience to realms of both the real and the fantastical.

WAC Poblenou

A Radiant Tapestry Beyond Boundaries

In this radiant convergence of mural painting, video mapping, and LED illumination, “OracLED: Magic Wall” transcends traditional boundaries, inviting viewers to explore the interplay between light, form, and storytelling. As an ode to creativity, innovation, and collective artistic expression, this project stands as a beacon of inspiration, leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of immersive art experiences.