Exploring Digital Companionship

An Artistic Inquiry into Human-Computer Interaction

CO-OCCUR stands as an audiovisual installation that critically examines the challenges of fostering a sense of companionship within the digital landscape. Positioned at the intersection of art and technology, this installation poses pertinent inquiries regarding our interaction with digital elements and spatial instruments.

In the backdrop of an era dominated by digital interfaces, CO-OCCUR prompts contemplation on the dynamics of human-computer interaction. It confronts the viewer with essential questions: How do we navigate and establish connections within virtual environments? Whose influence prevails—is it the digital realm shaping human behavior, or are we, in turn, directing the digital landscape?

Through its immersive audiovisual display, CO-OCCUR offers a somber reflection on the complexities inherent in our relationship with technology. It transcends mere spectacle, inviting viewers to introspect on the subtle nuances of their digital interactions. As the installation pulsates with rhythmic patterns and evolving imagery, it compels us to confront the intricate dance between humanity and technology.

In essence, CO-OCCUR serves as a profound exploration into the evolving contours of human experience in the digital age. It is a sobering reminder of the existential questions that arise amidst our increasingly digitized existence, urging us to confront the implications of our interactions within the digital realm.

Collaborative Showcase

Co-Occur at ISE 2024 with Haus of Color

This immersive installation was brought to life through a fruitful collaboration with the renowned set design agency, Haus of Color. Commissioned by ISE, the premier industry event in the audiovisual equipment field, Co-Occur was showcased at the ISE 2024 Conference held in Barcelona.